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A full range of valuation, financing and sale/acquisition services
for businesses in the food and non-food industries.
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We identify the options available to sellers and buyers in the light of their or their target’s current financial circumstances, industry
  position, geographic influences and internal operations. We conduct controlled auctions for the sale or acquisition of all or a part of
  a business, its assets or its equity.

We value the business or the target using standard approaches (cost, market and income) that are fine tuned with our years
  of business and investment banking experience.

We search for buyers or targets through publicly available data and through our network of business and financial contacts in
  the USA, Western Europe and in Central and South America.

We evaluate alternative strategies for effecting our client’s desired course of action.

We assist the client’s legal and accounting counsels in negotiation and document review, and in the process of closing and
  transfer of control.

Business Valuation

We are qualified and experienced in providing our clients with business valuation services that reflect our access to and use of:
 Approaches, standards and techniques that are generally accepted and acknowledged,
 Information drawn from publicly available and proprietary databases, and
 Business analysis that draws from the education and real-world business experience of our professionals.

Corporate Finance

We provide Statistical, Accounting, Financial and Economic (SAFESM) analysis of:
 The current condition of our client,
 The industry position of our client, and
 The economic outlook for the client’s industry and business.

Our work includes financial, operational and locational retrospective analysis and forecasts of indicators and ratios including:

 Ratios for Size, Growth, Liquidity, Profitability, Turnover and Leverage,
 Labor analysis, including: Trends in Labor Productivity, Wage Rates, and Tenure, and
 Site Location Analysis with evaluation of:  Access, Visibility, Parking, Signage, Zoning, Commercial Demographics,
  Residential Demographics and Traffic patterns.

Investment Banking

We make it our business to discover and evaluate sources of debt and equity capital with a focus on those sources interested in providing capital to the food industry.
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